Workshops and Tutorials will take place on July 19th, 2021.


WS1: Adapting service robots to the future industry and not vice versa (canceled)
Organizers: Marchionni, Luca

WS2: Machine Learning and Optimization for Humanoids Loco-Manipulation (canceled)
Organizers: Asfour, Tamim; Jaquier, Noémie; Zhou, You; Billard, Aude

WS3: Workshop on Floating-base Robots in Manufacturing and Logistics Operations: Opportunities and Challenges
Organizers: Ajoudani, Arash; Gandarias, Juan M.; Gomez de Gabriel, Jesus Manuel; Park, Jaeheung

WS4: Can we build Baymax? Part 6. Superhuman Abilities in Current Humanoids
Organizers: Kim, Joohyung; Lee, Jinoh; Alspach, Alex; Yamane, Katsu; Atkeson, Christopher

WS5: Towards physical-social human-robot interaction
Organizers: Charbonneau, Marie; Andrade Chavez, Francisco Javier; Mombaur, Katja

WS6: Talos: Status & Progress
Organizers: Werner, Alexander; Stasse, Olivier